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El Guapo's hand made tonic syrup, which Scot crafts with cinchona bark (quinine), grapefruit, lime, ginger, cardamom and lemongrass.

This tonic was created through much research of classic recipes from a time when tonic was for more than just flavour.

Original tonics were created using cinchona bark as it was the source of quinine. It's purpose? To prevent malaria! The trouble was quinine is extremely bitter. With that in mind sugar was added for sweetness and citrus was added for tartness. In addition other herbs and spices made it into various recipes.

Through research of those original recipes, El Guapo offer this for your drinking pleasure. Is this what tonic tasted like "way back when"?  It is close if not dead on accurate.  AND IT IS DELICIOUS!    

Tasting Notes:

Full of fresh bright citrus and slightly floral flavors with a lingering but pleasant bitterness. This is what your gin and tonic was meant to taste like! 


Cane sugar, cinchona bark (quinine), limes, lemons, grapefruits, oranges, lemongrass, ginger, grains of paradise, & a few other secret herbs & spices.

Mixing Notes:

This tonic is highly concentrated and very thick to give you the best value as well as the best flavor on the market.

To make tonic water simply add 15ml of Tonic Syrup to 45ml carbonated or sparkling mineral water.

Pair it with earthy Old Raj gin, and you have a perfumed, bright and wildly floral drink.

Refrigerate after opening.

Contains quinine.


Brand El Guapo
Shipping Weight 0.5400kg
Shipping Width 6cm
Shipping Height 6cm
Shipping Length 14cm

Brilliant Mixer

18 January 2016
El Guapo Tonic Syrup is one amazing syrup. Mix it with gin & soda or vodka & soda, throw in a slice of lime for a brilliant low carb, no sugar drink. It's a must have for everybody's cocktail cabinet.

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