Great New Flavours: Otto's Vermouth, Workhorse Bitters, Crafted Shrubs

Date Posted:13 November 2019 

Otto's Athens Vermouth 750ml $38.95

In 1850 the first Greek vermouth was created by appointment of the philhellenic King Otto I of Greece. Athenians kept this vermouth cool in their cellar and enjoyed it straight as an aperitif. Today Athens plays host to the creativity of bartenders and artists alike, with the resulting demand for authentic, storied drinks bringing Athens vermouth back into the spotlight!

High quality Greek wine from the Attica region is infused with rose petals, wormwood, angelica, citrus, olive leaves, kumquat, and oregano grown under the Athenian sun, creating a uniquely Greek flavour.

Enjoy in an Athenian Spritz, Negroni, Martinez, or simply with tonic or soda water and an orange twist... under the sun, of course.

Otto's Martinez
Otto’s Vermouth 50ml
Gin 30ml
Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur 5ml
Grapefruit bitters 1 dash

Add all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice, stir, and strain in a martini glass without ice.

Workhorse Rye Bitters 59ml $26.95/$39.95

Cider Apple: Bright and zippy! Different from any other Apple Bitters on the market - the flavour profile is not based on sweet baking spice/apple pie. Instead, the focus is on exemplifying the flavour of this cider apple which is resinous, minty, and mountainous. To compliment the apples themselves, bright botanicals are used, such as yerba santa, mace, California juniper, pine needles, rosemary, burdock root, and excellent quality Bitterman sea salt from Guatemala.

Prickly Pear: The most difficult and precious bitters the WHR teams have made yet. Pure, ripe prickly pear fruit with a rye and blue corn spirit maceration of creosote, thistle, gentian, salt, citrus, and other botanicals. Harvested in early autumn for peak ripeness, sugar development, and deepest color. They carefully selected a small amount of pears from cacti on a private ranch, just enough for a nano-batch of bitters so your cocktails will be tart, psychedelic pink, and remind you of the desert. 

Crafted Cocktails Shrubs 473ml $21.95

At Crafted Brand Company, they believe in creating delicious beverages that are certified organic and use natural ingredients. 

Crafted Cocktails has five refreshing flavors, including the recently launched STRAWBERRY, along with BLACKBERRY, ASIAN PEAR, GINGER & PINEAPPLE. Founder, Felicia Vieira, has gone back to her roots where her grandmother created Shrubs to preserve fruit flavors throughout the winter and used them with her grandfather’s homemade whiskey & vodka. Vieira wanted to share her family’s passion for this all-natural fruit-infused drinking vinegar providing a new experience for any cocktail.

Shrubs can also be used for all natural, non-alcoholic sodas.
Pinky Up Cocktail with Asian Pear Shrub
Tyler Zielinski @bon_vivantito

1 ¾ oz. Tequila
½ oz. Lime
¼ oz. Crafted Cocktails Asian Pear Shrub
¼ oz. Campari
¼ oz. Falernum
2-3 Dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
Garnish: Pear Slices

Mix, shake and strain.

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