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Campari (28.5% ABV) 750ml

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Country of origin:   ITALY         Alcohol content: 28.5% Alcohol by Volume  

Campari is the world’s most famous potable bitter aperitif and the essence of Milanese style since 1860

Campari is intimately link to the city it was born into. At dusk, when the Milanese celebrate the evening with a cocktail, Campari’s vibrant passionate red decorates bar tables all over town. Vibrant red, herbaceous and deliciously bitter. Campari is the essential ingredient to some of the world’s most classic and iconic drinks. Indeed, there is no Negroni without Campari!

  • Its secret recipe originated in a cafe in Novara in 1860
  • Campari has a velvety, pleasantly bitter, intense orange and herbal taste.  The flavor starts off sweet and is followed by a herbal, spicy taste. Following this, the bitterness of the drink starts to build.
  • It has aromas of strawberry and pomegranate, cherry and bitter orange and spices and herbs
  • It is made up of 68 different herbs, spices and barks.
  • It is rumored that only 3 people in the world know the recipe at any one time

The Negroni.

A Negroni can be served either straight up or on the rocks.

All you need for this classic mixed drink is 30ml of dry gin, 30ml of Campari and 30ml of sweet vermouth.

Mix these three together either in a mixing glass with ice, or mix them right in the glass with some ice. Stir, chill and serve!

Campari (28.5% ABV) 750ml Reviews

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The best amaro for my taste buds

Posted by Warwick Raverty on 28th Aug 2019

Campari is my number one favourite amaro. Mixed with Indian tonic water it is simply the most refreshing mixed drink that I have ever tasted. Based on the flavour of bitter oranges with many other secret favours in a divine mix. It can also be drunk neat over ice, or mixed with orange juice, or in the famous Negroni cocktail (see main description for recipe). Campari is not for everyone however - my wife does not like the flavour, nor does my brother, so I recommend buying a bottle of the mixer with soda water to see whether or not you agree with my assessment before investing in a full bottle of neat Campari.