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Marionette Dry Cassis Liqueur 500ml

AUD $45.95

Country of origin:   AUSTRALIA        Alcohol content: 18.6% Alcohol by Volume

Father and son, Rob and Richard Clark, have dedicated 20 years to growing the very best blackcurrants. Their traditional White Bud variety thrives in Tasmania’s cool climate. The fruit is small yielding but high in acidity, antioxidants, and anthocyanins. Flavourful and distinct, Rob and Richard’s powerful little berries sing in Marionette’s Dry Cassis.

More tart than traditional cassis, Marionette Dry Cassis delivers the luscious flavour and intense colour of ripe blackcurrants with around half the sugar of the French original. A viscous mouthfeel is balanced by refreshingly-zingy acidity—it’s Ribena for grown-ups!

Enjoy in a Kir Royal, El Diablo, or simply over ice.


About Marionette:
Marionette was created by four Melbourne hospitality professionals wanting to celebrate Australian produce and bring liqueurs back into the spotlight. They start with fresh fruit from good people and work hard to capture every last bit of flavour from the produce. Their focus is on creating the optimal building blocks for both classic and modern cocktails—a careful balancing act of sweetness, acidity, and alcohol intensity.

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