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El Guapo's hand made tonic syrup, made with cinchona bark (quinine), cane sugar, lime, lemons, grapefruit, oranges, ginger, cardamom and lemongrass.

This tonic syrup was crafted after much research on classic tonic recipes—from a time when tonic was imbibed for more than just its flavour.

Original tonics were created using cinchona bark (for its source of quinine). It's purpose? To prevent malaria! The trouble was that quinine is extremely bitter. With that in mind, sugar was added for sweetness and citrus was added for tartness. Other herbs and spices made it into various recipes.

El Guapo's tonic syrup boasts of bright citrus and slightly floral flavours with a lingering but pleasant bitterness.

To make tonic water simply add 15ml of Tonic Syrup to 45ml carbonated or sparkling mineral water.

Pairing Suggestion: Archie Rose Signature Dry, Distillery Botanica, Poor Toms Fool Strength Gin, or Beefeater.

Refrigerate after opening.

Contains quinine.


Barcode # 850012903055
Brand El Guapo
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Shipping Width 7cm
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Shipping Length 17cm

El Guapo British Colonial style Tonic Syrup a refr

7 January 2017
Having recently commenced using Tonic syrups I was attracted to El Guapo's description of their product. The syrup has a predominant citrus flavour with hints of ginger and herbs/spices. It does not have any overt quinine characters and makes for a delicious and refreshing change. It is hard to stop at just one G&T!


By: on 7 November 2016
Only ever tried one other tonic syrup apart from the store bought stuff and I was very impressed with this one. Makes a very very tasty G&T.

Interesting taste

By: on 2 September 2015
I thought I'd try this as a result of reading a blog on tonic water and how tragic supermarket-bought stuff is. I think I still may need to adjust quantities to get it right, but the taste is definitely better than what I'm used to.

Really nice!

By: on 27 February 2014
Friend put me onto this syrup, so much easier, mix with my soda stream and hay-presto brilliant tonic. Yummy! Took 8 days to get to me from on-line ordering to delivery, well packaged so no worries about possible breakage etc.

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