DIY Kit A Includes Cinchona Bark or Powder (250g), Citric Acid (100g) and three botanicals: Allspice, Cardamom and  Angelica (50g/ea).


Only Bitters have ventured out to procure the best Cinchona Bark available anywhere in the world. We compared the less expensive product grown in China and India with that sourced from Central and South America and found the Central and South American product to be far superior, being both higher in alkaloids than the others, and not adulterated by being mixed in with other varietals. We then set out to find a sustainable and ethical producer (many suppliers steal bark from national forests or over-harvest), with practices that ensure the continued viability and health of their native trees.

Our high-quality Cinchona Succirubra (Red Cinchona) bark is grown in Guatemala. We source from a reputable sustainable farm that grows and harvests their own Cinchona trees. The bark sections from each tree are harvested once every 3 years for a term of 60 years.

WARNING: Quinine Alkaloids could be toxic in high doses. Please do not exceed recommended dosages in parts per million when making your tonic syrup. As an example the US FDA and German authorities regulate that quinine be limited to between 83-85 parts per million (83-85 mg/L).

The bark from the Cinchona Succirubra tree is naturally high in Quinine Alkaloids. See table below for a difference between the cinchona varietals.

Table: Alkaloid Content Comparison by Cinchona species


Total Alkaloids (%)

Quinine Content (%)

C. calisaya

         3 - 7

            0 - 4.0

C. pubescens

      4.5 - 8.5

            1 - 3.0

C. officinalis

         5 - 8

            2 - 7.5

C. ledgeriana

         5 -14

            3 - 13

C. succirubra

         6 -16

            4 - 14


We have engaged a food scientist to determine conservative safe quantities for the use of this Cinchona Succirubra.

How to Make your own DIY tonic e-book is available for FREE with any purchase of a cinchona product from our store (or for $4.95 on its own). (For those purchasing through other channels, this e-book is only available through our online store. If you have already purchased or are now purchasing through other channels, please contact us for the link. We have now also put a QR Code on the packaging which will help you download the e-Book)

A little goes a long way!  Our recipe uses 64g of cinchona to produce 1 litre of concentrated flavouring, making approx 14 litres of tonic syrup or 70 litres of tonic water! 

More Recipes:

While we do not necessarily endorse the quantities used, here are some other publicly available Tonic Syrup recipes found on the web to help you on your way:


For orders with destinations outside of Australia, please check with your destination country regarding customs requirements for this item. Our bark is heat treated upon entering Australia.  If  in doubt, please order the powdered cinchona.  The powdered form is less likely to cause a problem as it is not whole bark, and it is packaged and vacuum sealed. 

New Zealand customers, please take particular note.  We have found that it is best to order the powdered cinchona.


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Makes an excellent tonic syrup

By: on 13 August 2021
I used the vodka extraction method and am very happy with the results. I did tone down the sugar a little as I prefer a less sweet drink. I used all of the botanicals provided along with juniper berries, cinnamon and star anise, gently crushed with my mortar and pestle and added to the vodka. I ended up with a delicious tasting tonic and can definitely recommend for anyone thinking of making their own tonic water. This kit will make a lot of tonic water, working out to about $1.15 per litre (final product) including the vodka, so great value for money for a very good tonic water. A good lock-down project!

Good starting point

By: on 2 December 2019
Provides the base ingredients and a couple of extra flavourings for good tonic water. I used the vodka extraction process, filtered twice through an Aeropress coffee maker, and thought my first try ended with a great tonic. I'm using a SodaStream for the soda water and adding the concentrate to the gin, ice, and soda.

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