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Only Bitters Cinchona Succirubra BARK 250gm

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Only Bitters have gone out to procure the best Cinchona Bark for making your own Tonic Syrups we could find.

The bark is from the Cinchona Succirubra (Red Cinchona) tree from Guatemala. We source from a reputable sustainable farm that grows and harvests their own Cinchona trees. The bark sections from each tree are harvested once every 3 years for a term of 60 years.

The bark from the Cinchona Succirubra tree is naturally high in Quinine Alkaloids. See table below for a difference between the cinchona varietals.

Table: Alkaloid Content Comparison by Cinchona species


Total Alkaloids (%)

Quinine Content (%)

C. calisaya

         3 - 7

            0 - 4.0

C. pubescens

      4.5 - 8.5

            1 - 3.0

C. officinalis

         5 - 8

            2 - 7.5

C. ledgeriana

         5 -14

            3 - 13

C. succirubra

         6 -16

            4 - 14

Warning: Quinine Alkaloids could be toxic in high doses. Please do not exceed recommended dosages in parts per million when making your tonic syrup. As an example the US FDA and German authorities regulate that quinine be limited to between 83-85 parts per million (83-85 mg/L).

We have engaged a food scientist to determine conservative safe quantities for the use of this Cinchona Succirubra.  How to Make Your Own DIY Tonic (e-Book) is available for $1 with any purchase of a cinchona product from our store (or for $4.95 on its own).

While we do not endorse the quantities used, here are some publicly available Tonic Syrup recipes found on the web to help you on your way:




For orders with destinations outside of Australia, please check with your destination country regarding customs requirements for this item. Our bark is heat treated upon entering Australia.  If  in doubt, please order the powdered cinchona.  The powdered form is less likely to cause a problem as it is not whole bark, and it is packaged and vacuum sealed. 

New Zealand customers, please take particular note.  We have found that it is best to order the powdered cinchona.

Only Bitters Cinchona Succirubra BARK 250gm Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Cinchona Bark

Posted by bretthayton@gmail.com on 25th Oct 2019

I have experimented with steeping the cinchona bark in a bottle of gin for about 3 weeks together with the zest of grapefruit. Just add soda water & ice and you have an insta G&T!


The promise of better gin and tonics

Posted by Unknown on 29th Dec 2016

Just finished my first batch of tonic syrup and already have ideas of how to improve it.. but adjustments I will make are not bark related

Great product

Posted by Capt on 7th Nov 2016

It is what it says it is. Very easy to use and makes great tonic. I did get a few splinters breaking and chopping, but used gloves the second time and no issues.

Very happy

Posted by Unknown on 8th Sep 2015

Great product, fast delivery, great service.

Just what I wanted!

Posted by Tim on 6th Mar 2015

Easy process, quick delivery, quality product. I mean, what else can you ask for? Oh - it makes great tonic for G&T