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Bob's Vanilla Bitters 100ml


Country of origin:   UK        Alcohol content: 30% Alcohol by Volume

Handmade vanilla bitters.

Naturally distinctive perfume of Tahitian vanilla pods with subtle fragrant hints of cacao and bitter chocolate finish. Andreas Tsanos used this bitter in a World Class UK Final 2009 Gin Competition.

About Bob's:

Bob’s Bitters began when Bob was approached by Guiliano Morandin of The Dorchester Bar to create a range of bitters for the new launch menu after the bar had been refurbished. His idea was to create “The Gin Experience” serving gin with a selection of bespoke bitters. Bob took the idea further, making single flavoured bitters with the botanicals used in the flavour profile of gin, e.g. cardamon, ginger, liquorice, etc.

The thought behind the single flavour bitters was basically from a culinary perspective rather than following the traditional bitter route blending numerous botanical flavours. They have been very well received within the bar industry with several top mixologists going on to win international competitions incorporating Bob’s Bitters in their cocktails.

Simon Difford summed it up well when he said “Bob’s Bitters allows you to add a bittering note appropriate to a particular flavour within a cocktail...” 



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