Country of origin:   Germany         Alcohol content: 22% ABV

The Bitter Truth Pimento Dram is based on selected pimento/allspice (also called Jamaica Pepper) and the finest Jamaican rum. English explorers coined the term allspice because the berry seemed to embody the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove all at once. On the Caribbean island of Jamaica, this distinctive aromatic liqueur has been produced for generations by macerating allspice in rum.

A concentrated tincture that evokes strong flavours of brown sugar, molasses, cinnamon, anise and more. But the primary flavour that stands above all others is Allspice (Pimento). Only a smalll amount of this liqueur is needed to both sweeten a drink and bring with it a complex expression of this enigmatic spice.

A staple in Jamaican drinks. Try it in something as classic as a Planters Punch paired with a funky Jamaican rum, or in modern classics like a Lions Tail or an Ancient Mariner.

About The Bitter Truth:

The Bitter Truth started producing cocktail bitters in 2006. The Bitter Truth sticks to the »classic method« of producing bitters by macerating roots, seeds, barks, fruits, herbs and plants in an alcohol base. All ingredients are 100 % natural outside of a small amount of caramel to achieve a beautiful rich color and guarantee the best quality. The design of the bitters bottle refers to old medicine bottles from the 19th century. The label was designed with old fashioned floral ornaments and printed on plastic foil to withstand daily demands.


Barcode # 4260167660097
Brand The Bitter Truth
Shipping Weight 1.2600kg
Shipping Width 7cm
Shipping Height 7cm
Shipping Length 23cm

Rum Dram Cocktails

24 August 2015
With a special mixture of a high quality dark rum along with lime juice and the Pimento Dram, if you are a rum drinker, this will ring your bells, exceptional.

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