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Marionette Orange Cura̤ao Liqueur 500ml

AUD $51.95

Country of origin:   AUSTRALIA        Alcohol content: 28.5% Alcohol by Volume

Marionette's curaçao features navel, Seville, and blood oranges sourced directly from Glenn Goldup, a third-generation citrus farmer in Mildura. The oranges are macerated, distilled, and barrel-aged for four weeks in French oak with cask-strength brandy from South Australia.
Pouring a slightly hazy grassy-gold, this refined orange liqueur has complex scents of gingerbread, fresh orange oil, and sweet raisin. The palate is oily but not dense, with warm spices and a balanced level of sweetness. Ginger, cinnamon, and more sweet orange close it out, leaving a similar sense of satisfaction one gets from eating a piece of freshly baked cake. 
Enjoy in a White Lady, Margarita, Sidecar, or wherever an orange liqueur is called for.

About Marionette:
Marionette was created by four Melbourne hospitality professionals wanting to celebrate Australian produce and bring liqueurs back into the spotlight. They start with fresh fruit from good people and work hard to capture every last bit of flavour from the produce. Their focus is on creating the optimal building blocks for both classic and modern cocktails—a careful balancing act of sweetness, acidity, and alcohol intensity.

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