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Mister Bitters Negroni Bitters 100ml

AUD $21.95

Country of origin:   Australia         Alcohol content: 36% Alcohol by Volume

Introducing one of the two newest flavours in the Mister Bitters stable! These Negroni bitters are a blend of Australian oranges and lemons, mixed with the floral notes of chamomile and the richness of star anise. These bitters are designed to add an extra layer of complexity and aromatics to the inimitable Negroni, or to be used as an orange bitters in classic cocktails.

About Mister Bitters:

Australia’s very first bitters company based in Melbourne. Created for the mutual love of bitters by a couple of bartenders and us here at Only Bitters, together we wanted to create a greater Australian presence in the bitters culture across the globe, offering unique new flavour combinations

Our motto is simple: Stir things up!


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