Country of origin:   Scotland          Alcohol content: 38% Alcohol by Volume

Released in the summer of 2011, Aphrodite Bitters are a unique, hand-crafted cocktail ingredient which take their name from the Greek goddess of sexuality and love.

Aphrodisiacs are substances that are alleged to increase sexual desire and like many traditional bitters the botanicals selected for this bottling have been chosen for their alleged medicinal qualities, in this case as an aphrodisiac. The finest chocolate, cocoa nibs, ginger root, red chilli, Arabica coffee and ginseng are compounded to create a complex flavour profile with each botanical playing off and enhancing one another.

Made with Overproof rum and eight botanicals including organic dark chocolate, cocoa nibs, Arabica coffee, red chilli, ginger root and ginseng.  Maceration - Eight botanicals macerated in overproof spirit for no less than two weeks. Dilution -Diluted to bottling strength with Scottish water. Coloured with caramel.

Used in a number of classic cocktails and original libations such as the Merchant Quarter.


Tasting notes: Adam Elmegirab

Colour/Nose – Dark. Burnt cocoa, anise, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon

Palate – Creamy texture capturing fresh roasted espresso, bitter dark chocolate, roasted

hazelnuts, rum & raisin truffles, vanilla and a soft spicy kick throughout Finish – Long wood-spiced bitter finish with a soft kick of chilli 

Mixing Notes:

Merchant Quarter

25ml Redemption Rye
25ml English Harbour 5 year old
25ml Martini Rosso
2 Dashes Jade Nouvelle-Orleans Absinthe 3 Dashes Aphrodite Bitters

Method - Add all ingredients to mixing glass fill with cubed ice and stir for 15-20 seconds Glass - Chilled cocktail
Garnish - Homemade cocktail cherry


Barcode # 610696409744
Brand Dr Adam Elmegirab
Shipping Weight 0.2400kg
Shipping Width 5cm
Shipping Height 5cm
Shipping Length 12cm

Dr Adam Elmegirab's Aphrodite Bitters

By: on 14 May 2019
I was a little disappointed in these bitters, I was expecting them to be a little more intense and to have a higher viscosity than they do. If I had the option I'd have only said 3 1/2 stars not 4 – they are definitely better than a straight 3 stars though. That said, they do have an interesting nose although it's not particularly clear of what. I think I was expecting more of a dried fruit salad/pudding aroma and taste. I've only used it in one cocktail so far and that one was a test of a recipe I've not made before, so I think more experimentation is required of both the recipe and the bitters.

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