New Flavours from Fee Brothers!

Date Posted:20 November 2023 



Spicy Habanero & Rich, Smoky Turkish Tobacco


Fee Brothers have recently launched two new flavours that we are very excited to be ranging.


Introducing Fee Brothers Habanero Bitters your new go to spicy bitters. These add a good punch of heat to your drink with a garden-fresh essence to boot.


We love these, of course, in a Spicy Margarita or dash some into a Whisky Sour for extra hit of warmth.


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Not to be forgotten, we also have Fee Brothers Turkish Tobacco Bitters joining the line up. This delicious addition brings sun-dried tobacco-inspired warmth to elevate the balance & complexity of your favourite drinks & spirits. With hints of coffee, nutmeg & clove, this robust bitters works well with bourbon, rum, mezcal & more.


Try it out in a classic Old Fashioned or add a few dashes to a Black Manhattan.


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