Minimalist Tiki!

Date Posted:7 November 2022 


Top Four finalist for Best Cocktail Book in 2020 and winner of Best New Cocktail & Bartending Book at the 2020 Spirited Awards at Tales of The Cocktails.

Minimalist Tiki is all about determining and acquiring the items used most often for crafting the tiki classics. While it is easy to have an ad hoc approach to tiki,the Minimalist Tiki ethos is a thoughtful, easy to understand and analytical approach. The ultimate goal: a concise list of ingredients, equipment, and accessories needed to start crafting no-compromise tiki classics without draining your wallet and filling your shelves with rarely used bottles.

With a firm nod to the classics and a keen eye toward the future, Minimalist Tiki is a tiki book like no other. Learn the core ingredients, equipment, and technique for creating a wide swath of the classic tiki canon without overwhelming your bank account, plus practical advice on expanding your expertise, advanced garnish techniques, and recipe improvisation.

Minimalist Tiki 71.95

Lost Lake

30ml Lime Juice
15ml Pineapple Juice
30ml BG Reynolds Passionfruit Syrup
15ml Økar Island Bitter
15ml Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
30ml Aged Jamaican Rum

Build ingredients in a shaker. Flash blend or shake with one cup crushed ice, pour into a Collins glass. Fill with fresh crushed ice.

Garnish with a pineapple crescent, pineapple fronds and a skewered cherry.

Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
700ml 65.95

Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur follows the original recipe from 1821, and requires four years to produce. Marasca cherries are harvested from Luxardo's own trees and the solid components are then infused in larchwood vats for three years. The product is distilled in small copper pot-stills and aged in Finnish ash wood for the remaining year. Finally, a combination of sugar and water is added before bottling.

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Lau Lana

1 fresh strawberry, coarsely chopped
15ml lime juice
15ml simple syrup
15ml The Bitter Truth Pimento Dram
15ml Økar Island Bitter 
45ml Light Rum

Add all ingredients and coarsely chopped strawberry to a blender, pulse blend to break down fruit. Add ice. Flash blend for two seconds, or fully blend for a slushy drink. Pour into tall collins or zombie glass.

Garnish with a whole fresh strawberry on the side of the glass.

The Bitter Truth Pimento Dram
500ml 49.95

A concentrated tincture that evokes strong flavours of brown sugar, molasses, cinnamon, anise and more. But the primary flavour that stands above all others is Allspice (Pimento). Only a small amount of this liqueur is needed to both sweeten a drink and bring with it a complex expression of this enigmatic spice.
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Davy Jones

3 dashes Peychaud's Aromatic Bitters
30ml lemon juice
30ml El Guapo Orgeat Syrup
15ml Marionette Orange Curaçao
30ml Gin


Build all ingredients except bitters in a shaker. Shake with crushed ice, strain into a tall Collins glass. Fill with fresh crushed ice.

Garnish with the bitters, a lemon zest twist.

El Guapo Orgeat Syrup
488 ml 29.95

Traditional almond based syrup - rich, creamy, and floral.  Old world style orgeat, fresh almond flavour and floral aroma.
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Coconut Rules Everything Around Me

15ml lime juice
7.5ml El Guapo orgeat syrup
30ml Coco López Cream of Coconut
7.5ml banana liqueur
15ml lychee liqueur
45ml Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

Build ingredients in a shaker. Shake with ice, strain into a Pearl Diver glass. Fill with fresh crushed ice.
Garnish with a pineapple frond and a mint sprig.

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum
700ml 89.95

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum was created in 2011 and is a complex and rich rum with hints of vanilla, dark fruit, molasses, and spice, evoking the flavour of the Caribbean Islands and its beloved rums. 

Bottled at 57%, this Dark rum is a hefty blend composed of unaged Jamaican pot still rum, aged rum from Barbados, fresh column still rums from Trinidad and Guyana and aged Trinidadian Rum.
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