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Bitter Queens Variety Pack 4 x 15ml

AUD $39.95

Country of origin:   USA        Alcohol content:  15% abv

A selection of the most popular Bitter Queens flavours, ideal for creating a variety of classic and modern cocktails. Contains 15ml dasher bottles of Marie Laveau Tobacco, Opulent Odessa Orange, Bangkok Betty Thai, and Joker Judy Chocolate Walnut Bitters. These variety packs come packed in gift boxes and are perfect as presents or to experiment at home.

About Bitter Queens:

The Bitter Queens are a small-production, San Francisco based bitters business raising the bar through the creation of unique, handcrafted bitters and cocktail accoutrements.

What started as a spirited hobby amongst a duo of cocktail enthusiasts quickly evolved into a passionate business endeavor. It became a quest of crafting unique bitters flavors of superb quality destined for cocktail dens, home bartenders, and imaginative chefs. Progress continues as the boys spread their bitter love to the world.

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