Country of origin:   Italy        Alcohol content: 34% Alcohol by Volume

This is a very limited availbilty bottle, as such there is a limit of 1 Bottle per customer.

Averna - the authentic Italian after- dinner amaro is launched its first ever aged edition,Averna Riserva Don Salvatore, for its150th anniversary.

The ancient Averna recipe is aged in small selected oak casks for 18 months, producing a mature liquid and rich Mediterranean bouquet inspired by Don Salvatore Averna, who received the secret recipe as a gift from Frà Girolamo, a Benedictine monk of Caltanissetta, Sicily, 150 years ago.

The production of Averna Riserva Don Salvatore is a closely guarded secret that begins with combining herbs, roots and natural spices with aromas and fragrances of Sicilian citrus. Its sophisticated blend of subtle flavors leave a smooth after-taste that enhance the overall quality experience.

An enchanting mixture of wooden scents blend with touches of spices and dried fruits, including fig, berries, plums and a hint of liquorice. All ingredients, including essential oils from lemon and bitter orange peels, pomegranate, herbs and fruits, are selected with care and infused with pure alcohol.

Mixed with water to bring it to the right alcohol content, it is then filtered and mixed with additional natural ingredients such as sugar, alcohol, burnt sugar and water. The product is then left inside oak barrique barrels in a cellar for 18 months until all ingredients are thoroughly blended.


Salvatore Averna was born in 1802 into a well to do family of textile merchants. He grew up in the industrious city of Caltanissetta and was both a Justice of the Peace and a benefactor of the Convent of St.Spirito’s Abbey. The friars of the Abbey produced a wonderfulherbal elixir following a secret recipe. Although the elixir tasted “bitter”, it was very good and, according to popular belief, it possessed some therapeutic qualities. In 1859, as a token of gratitude, the friars handed the recipe for the infusion over to Salvatore, and in 1868 he started the production for the Averna household guests.

It was Francesco Averna, Salvatore’s son, who made Averna well know by taking it to different fairs in Italy and abroad. By 1895, the Sicilian liqueur was already well-known. During a private visit to king Umberto I in the same year, Francesco received a golden brooch with the insignia of the Savoy House.

In 1912 Vittorio Emanuele III bestowed the Company Averna the right to print the royal coat-of-arms with the inscription “Royal Household Patent” on the bitter-liqueur label. Averna became the official supplier of the Royal Household. All these acknowledgements, over the years, led Francesco to re-design the first liqueur label by adding all these certificates and prizes. Francesco died quite early and his wife, Anna Maria, took the reins of the firm. Though she was soon helped by her young sons, she was an exceptional case of a female entrepreneur in the heart of Sicily during the early 20th century.

The third generation of the Averna family, i.e. Francesco’s sons: SalvatorePaoloEmilio and Michele, consolidated the success of the liqueur and contributed to the development of the company despite the strain of two world wars. The production not only continued at full steam but the brothers also managed to open up their export markets to America. In 1958, Averna became a public company (Fratelli Averna S.p.A.) and a few years later a new factory was built.

Since 1978 to the present day the Averna’s fourth generation still manages the company and continues its growth unabated.


Barcode # 8000400203416
Brand Averna
Shipping Weight 1.4700kg
Shipping Width 7cm
Shipping Height 31.5cm
Shipping Length 7cm
Shipping Cubic 0.001543500m3

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