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Amargo Chuncho Bitters 75ml


Country of origin:   PERU         Alcohol content: 40% Alcohol by Volume

The most popular bitters in Peru, named CHUNCHO after the ethnic group of amazon indians that resisted the Spanish Conquistadors.

A complex and well balanced combination of over 30 various peels, herbs, roots, barks and flowers from the Peruvian forest including Quina and Sarrapia leaves, which both appear on the Peruvian flag, are macerated then rested for six months in oak Barrels, then bottled to allow you to enhance the flavor of all your cocktails. 

Tasting Notes:

Aromatic and rich nose and taste, mild bitterness and fine spicy notes.

Mixing Notes:

This is the original and best bitters for making a Pisco Sour and other mixed drinks.

Amargo Chuncho Bitters 75ml Reviews

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Peruvian Bitters in a bad bottle

Posted by alex@aquavista.org.nz on 15th Mar 2014

Great bitters, but the bottle is very unstable (and delightfully rustic) and the cap broke down in no time.