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Only Bitters Gentian Root 100g

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Gentian Root

Gentian Root 100g                                         Product of Bosnia

Genus Name Gentiana Lutea

Gentian root is the primary bittering agent used in bitters.

Many beverages are made with gentian root.[4] It is used to produce gentian, a distilled beverage produced in the Alps. Some species are harvested for the manufacture of apéritifs, liqueurs, and tonics.

Gentian root is a common beverage flavouring for bitters. The soft drink Moxie contains gentian root. The French liqueur Suze and Salers are made with gentian. All 'Americano' style apéritifs contain gentian root for bitter flavoring.

It is an ingredient in the Italian liqueur Aperol and is used as the main flavor in the German after-dinner digestif Underberg bitters.

It is one of the key ingredients in Angostura bitters.

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