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Fee Brothers Gin Barrel Aged Orange Bitters 150ml

AUD $24.95

Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 9.0% Alcohol by volume.

Mixologists rejoice! These limited edition Fee Brothers Orange Bitters are aged in oak barrels once used to age Old Tom Gin. The fusion of flavours creates a liquid experience you really must taste for yourself. Just a couple of dashes will elevate your favorite cocktails to a whole new level. To say this bottle would make an incredible addition to your back bar would be an understatement.

About Fee Brothers:

Fee Brothers have been one of only two mainstays in the cocktail bitters world for over 100 continuous years. Opened in 1863, Fee Brothers of Rochester, New York, is in its fourth generation of manufacturing top quality bitters. 

Fee Brothers Gin Barrel Aged Orange Bitters 150ml Reviews

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