Dolin Blanc Vermouth de Chambery 375ml

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Dolin Blanc Vermouth de Chambery 375ml

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Country of origin:   FRANCE         Alcohol content: 16% Alcohol by Volume

Dolin Blanc is a French sweet vermouth and the original Vermouth de Chambéry. Not as sweet or spiced, and more herbal than its Italian inspiration—Vermouth di Torino—Dolin Blanc offers a refined alpine profile. This is achieved by infusing 33 botanicals in Ugni Blanc wine which is then fortified and sweetened to 130g/L. 

A delicate, bittersweet palate is balanced by white wine acidity with notes of white peach, pear, citrus, alpine herbs, and elderflower.

Enjoy in an El Presidente, Gin Blossom, Matador, or simply over ice. Use whenever a blanc vermouth is called for, or in place of a bianco vermouth.


About Dolin:

Dolin’s history began in 1821 with Joseph Chavasse, a liqueur producer who created a new style of vermouth inspired by the aperitifs of Turin. Chavasse infused a base wine of Jacquère with herbs and spices sourced both locally in Savoy and abroad. In 1830 he settled in Chambéry where his daughter, Marie Rosalie, was born. When Marie Rosalie married in 1843, Joseph passed his recipe to her husband, Louis Ferdinand Dolin, who began producing vermouth under the Dolin label.

After Louis Ferdinand passed away in 1869, Marie Rosalie took over the business and presented Dolin Vermouth at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition in 1876 where it won gold, the first of many awards. In 1919 Charles and Joseph Sevez bought the company as there were no Dolin heirs to inherit the family business. 

The early 20th century also saw Vermouth de Chambéry granted appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) status, making it the only French vermouth with an official geographical indication. Dolin is still family owned today and upholds the legacy of Vermouth de Chambéry.

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