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Dirty Sue Jumbo Cocktail Onions 450g

AUD $12.95
Cocktail Onions

Product of the USA.

Dirty Sue Jumbo Cocktail Onions are the perfect complement to your favourite gibson or gin or vodka dirty martini.

Refrigerate after opening.

About Dirty Sue

Dirty Sue – The Original Premium Olive Juice – came about on an otherwise regular shift at legendary Los Angeles restaurant, Jones Hollywood. Bartender Eric Tecosky reached for the gallon jar of olives and realized it was full of olives but void of olive juice. He looked at his co-worker and asked, “How come no one bottles olive juice?”

One year and countless tastings later, Dirty Sue was born.

Dirty martinis have been popular since the days of F.D.R., and no one wanted to change that. The goal of Dirty Sue was to offer consumers a better olive juice product for dirty martinis than they had been settling for.

They started by making and selling bottled brine, and now make a selection of delicious cocktail olives!


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