Tiki Lovers

TIKI LOVERS Pineapple has its roots in the past, when Caribbean distillers were macerating fresh pineapples in high proof sugar cane spirit, thereby adding an extra dimension of fruity deliciousness to the rum. The flavours of sugar cane mingle elegantly with fruity layers of juicy pineapple, while maintaining the full and complex aromas of the rum blend that will evoke the flavor of the Caribbean islands and their long heritage of rum production.

TIKI LOVERS is the Rum brand created by Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck who are also the makers of  The Bitter Truth products. Throughout Stephan’s earlier years as a seafarer, he traveled the tropics and experienced rum-making first hand in the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba and Barbados. It was there he learned about the heritage of rum-making, blending and drinking.

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