Beechworth Bitters Company

Amaro and cocktail bitters have always been an interest of Michael Ryans, but it was an interest that was only ever based on consumption. 

A plan was made many years ago to produce their own cocktail bitters. However, life and work got in the way-being owners and operators of Provenance Restaurant in Beechworth. Lock Downs, while stressful at times, also gave the opportunity they would normally never have to stop and re-focus on projects that they had never got around to- cocktail bitters was one of these projects. From making cocktail bitters, amaro was a small, logical step (cocktail bitters are essentially a more linear, more intense version of amaro). They spent time making alcoholic extractions of over 120 botanicals- citrus, fruit, herbs, leaves, bark, roots, spices- with many of the fruits used being from local producers. This was followed by many blending sessions. These sessions have led to the creation of five individual amaro.


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