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Bob's Grapefruit Bitters 100ml

AUD $29.95

Country of origin:   UK        Alcohol content: 32.7% Alcohol by Volume

Handmade grapefruit bitters.

A clean, crisp, natural grapefruit taste, slightly sour with a sharp bitter edge.  Initially created for Guiliano Morandin at the Dorchester Bar, the Grapefruit Bitters are currently used in his Perfect Ten, a Martini based around Tanqueray Ten Gin.

About Bob's Bitters:

Bob’s Bitters began when Bob Petrie was approached by Guiliano Morandin of the newly refurbished Dorchester Bar to create a range of bitters for the overhauled menu. Guilliano's idea was to create “The Gin Experience”, serving gin with a selection of bespoke bitters. Being the Head Pasty Chef of a Michelin starred restaurant at the time, Bob approached the task from a culinary perspective rather than following the traditional method of blending bitters from numerous botanicals. This meant making bitters featuring individual botanicals, thus giving greater control of the resulting flavour profile when crafting a drink. The resulting bitters were so well received that Bob was able to start making bitters full time, with his range being called for in the best bars in the world.

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