The Twelve Bitters of Christmas Sale and Gift Ideas for Summer Cocktails

Date Posted:2 December 2013 

The Twelve Bitters of Christmas Sale and Gift Ideas for Summer Cocktails
Treat your friends and family to quality cocktail ingredients
for Christmas and summer entertaining! 

The Twelve Bitters of Christmas...
25% off twelve brands of tasty bitters for Christmas
Amargo Chuncho, Bad Dog Barcraft, Bittercube, Bitter Tears,
Brooklyn Hemispherical, 
Cocktail Kingdom, Collins, Dram, Dutch’s, Hella, 
Sweetgrass Farm, The Bitter End

10% off four of our most popular cocktail books
Add some cocktail inspiration to your gifts!
Christmas Sale Catalogue
Bitters gift packs!  

What better way to sample some of the most popular flavours!
Browse Bitters Gift Packs
Over 250 varieties of bitters!
In today's bar, bitters are essential, and each brings its own qualities to a cocktail. Choose from our vast selection of cocktail bitters in eclectic combinations of herbs, fruits, spices or roots. Bitters are the secret ingredient that give cocktails that extra zing, and - for the adventurous baker- give desserts and cakes that extra goodness. 
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Looking for that perfect gift for the G&T lover?
We have some of the best quality tonic syrups around (five varieties in stock now, and another five after Dec 12). They have all gone back to where it all started, using only natural ingredients (real Quinine, real sugar, real spices. How do you use them?  One part tonic syrup, two parts Gin, and three parts soda... for the perfect G&T. 
Browse Tonic Syrups
Our delectable range of fruity shrubs and drinking vinegars.
Use in cocktails or to give your punch, well, more punch! Most have a non-alcoholic base which means they can be enjoyed by the whole family - just mix with water or sparkling water. In fact, you'll find a myriad of ways to use these great mixers... use with savoury dishes as a marinade ingredient or to drizzle over a roast!
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