Bitters and Flowers... A Bittersweet Romance

Date Posted:4 February 2018 

Even though you only use a dash or two, floral bitters are a very important and oft-underappreciated cocktail ingredient. They can lift a cocktail to new heights, change an intense sipper to a bright refreshment or turn an unbalanced, cocktail into a perfect well-rounded drink.

Cocktail recipes have long included flowers, either through floral liqueurs and infusions (such as violet liqueur or rose syrup), or used in classic cocktail ingredients such as vermouths, amaros or bitters. They provide lift, brightness and nuance, and like seasoning in a dish, can change a cocktail from simply drinkable to utterly divine.

Floral bitters mix very well with tequila, rum, or gin drinks, complementing the herbal notes of the spirit. They’re easy to work with and loaded with flavour. Try experimenting with lavender bitters, hibiscus bitters or mixed floral bitters such as Bob’s Spring Bitters or the Bitter Truth Limited Edition Blossom Bitters.

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For your GINspiration, here’s a floral cocktail recipe made with soothing lavender to make a drink that is the perfect way to spend a lazy, warm afternoon or summer night:


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