Addition Cocktail Spices - Kitchen Flavours In A Bottle!

Date Posted:3 August 2014 

Addition Cocktail Spices... Kitchen flavours in a bottle!

Addition Cocktail Spices

Addition Cocktail Spices are designed to bring all the spicy and savory flavours you can find in a spice cabinet to beverages everywhere. Just a few drops will add complexity and unexpected flavours. Cocktail Spice makes it easy to customize your drinks to suit your specific taste.
Or use them in your cooking as an alternative to dry spices!
Explore the savoury richness of cumin or the floral, prickly heat of Szechuan pepper. Combine unexpected flavours like Thai green chili and tarragon or clove and habanero. Add cinnamon to a can of cola or rosemary to your sparkling water. Above all, experiment and have fun with a wide new range of flavours that you may not have experienced in liquid format before. 
Twenty five flavours in all!
All Addition products are proudly handcrafted in Seattle's Georgetown neighbourhood with traditional maceration processes and using whole spices and fresh herbs and peppers.
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