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Applewood Distillery Coral Gin 500ml

AUD $72.95

Country of origin:   AUSTRALIA       Alcohol content: 43% Alcohol by Volume

Inspired by the Great Barrier Reef and it’s tropical surrounds, the aromatics of strawberry gum, fragrant spice of riberries and salinity of karkalla, Coral Gin speaks true of a captivating Australian landscape.


Enjoy mixed with a good quality dry tonic or tonic syrup and garnish with pink peppercorns and vanilla.

About Applewood:

As winemakers, Laura and Brendan are incredibly passionate about the soil and produce we have here in Australia. It's their aim to showcase products to the rest of the world that embrace Australian native ingredients and pay homage to the custodianship of the indigenous people who maintained the land for thousands of years. 

It's this passion that has driven them to start two wine labels, one that protects our farmers and another that protects our future. They've since taken these concepts and catapulted them into the horticultural realm with their distillery, Applewood; studying indigenous produce, its beneficial effects on our land and the stories it can tell through incredible colours, flavours, and textures. 

They seek Australian identity in the products they craft and the services they offer. They seek ways to communicate this with an entirely new demographic. Their hope is that these Australian stories can one-day be heard on a global scale.

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