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The Bitter Housewife Aromatic Bitters 100 ml


Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 60.0% Alcohol by Volume

A few years ago Genevieve started tinkering with making her own bitters and after tasting it in soda, side by side with Angostura, there was no going back. Soon a shelf in the kitchen was filled with glass jars full of fruits, herbs, spices, roots, and barks soaking in booze. She was making tinctures to get familiar with the individual flavours of all the ingredients she was working with and she was on a quest to make the perfect bitters to use in an Old Fashioned. Warm and spicy, not too fruity, and with a solid, bitter backbone.

At least six recipes later she found her first product, The Bitter Housewife’s Aromatic Bitters. It’s made with all real, mostly organic ingredients. No extracts and no flavourings.
About Bitter Housewife:
Small batch cocktail bitters made in Portland, Oregon by the wife and husband team Genevieve and Dan Brazelton.
Mixing Notes:
This is their signature flavour use it anywhere you would use Angostura. A base of walnuts, cherries and ginger is brought to life with warm baking spices and just enough bitterness to keep things interesting.

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