Tonics With A Twist

Date Posted:19 January 2020 

Change up the ol' g&t or enjoy a tonic cocktail with these all-natural tonic syrups. While all our tonic syrups have their own unique blends of botanicals, those featured here today have that added ingredient to make them truly stand out. Garnish with lemon or orange twists, a sprig of rosemary or lavender, or flower petals from the garden.

Here are four terrific tonic syrups for you to try. Scroll down for some recipes!
The Elderflower Tonic is a tonic formula with more body and a bolder finish than the regular Jack Rudy Tonic. It pairs well with a number of richer spirits: tequila, bourbon and rum, while still acting a classic companion to the finer gins of the world.

Jack Rudy added organic dried elderflowers to their original recipe, and increased the amount of quinine to bring balance to the final product.

The Elderflower Tonic has a profile that allows G&T drinking deep into the winter months, and shows versatility in a number of different applications.
Hibiscus Strong Tonic, naturally tart with hints of vanilla and cinnamon and a buttery bitter finish, brings a bright new flavour profile to tonic syrups. Dazzling red in color, sweetened with cane sugar and agave and utilising quinine extracted from cinchona bark, Hibiscus Strong Tonic is not just for G&Ts. From Mules, Margaritas, Cosmos and Dark & Stormy’s, this Hibiscus tonic syrup gives a new twist to classic cocktails.

The Ginger Tonic is Strong's newest flavour, and another delicious variation on their original, made with the spicier notes of ginger, along with hints of allspice, grapefruit and lime.
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Sin-ko-nah have collaborated with Padre Coffe to create this gorgeous ko-fe tonic syrup. It's a bright, tangy, bittersweet take on espresso tonic. Just add ice and sparkling mineral water. Gin optional, highly recommended. 

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