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Classic Syrups

Traditional syrups are a staple of any well-stocked bar.

Grenadine is a bar syrup that is instantly recognized by its bright red color. What many drinkers don’t know, is that grenadine is a pomegranate flavored syrup. For years, almost no bars had real grenadine. They had corn syrup with lots of red food coloring and no flavor – and many still do. Thanks to the craft cocktail movement, real grenadine is back in style and will actually give your drinks both color and flavor.

Orgeat is a French almond syrup, originally made from barley and used as a shelf-stable substitute for milk. Many cultures have versions, from Valencian orxata to Dutch orgeade to Mexican horchata. It’s irreplaceable in a Mai Tai and essential to the classic Japanese cocktail. Orgeat syrup, with its rich almond flavor and exotic touch of orange water, is matchless among cocktail mixers. 

Gum (or gomme) syrup is a drink sweetener that was commonly used instead of simple syrup in many classic cocktails. While some people refer to simple syrup as gum syrup, true gum syrup contains an emulsifier known as gum arabic. However, where both syrups add sweetness, gum syrup adds viscosity as well, giving a richer mouthfeel and weightier texture to cocktails.

Syrups are made from fresh ingredients, and therefore need to be refrigerated after opening.