The first vermouth in the Martini & Rossi range, it was first introduced in 1863.

Vermouth is a mixture of wine (fortified with brandy) and botanicals. Together, they barrage the senses with taste, aroma, texture and color. They blend Trebbiano wine from Emilia Romagna and Catarratto wine from Sicily and then apply their botanical mastery.

Aromatic herbs, fragrant fruit, exotic woods and captivating spices combine in different amounts and formations to produce ‘dry-blends.’ The interaction between these herbs in the extraction process creates a unique flavor for each MARTINI & ROSSI expression.

The Rosso sings with a secret blend of botanicals from native and foreign soils. Artemisia is a crucial ingredient, and it continues to grow and be harvested just a few miles south of the Martini & Rossi base in Pessione Italy.

The Rossi recipe remains unchanged since its inception. Only three people worldwide know its secrets.