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Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro 700ml


Country of origin:   ITALY        Alcohol content: 30% Alcohol by Volume

Made using the root of genuine Chinese rhubarb, which only grows in the mountainous regions of Kansu province, Zucca Rabarbaro is a bittersweet amaro perfect as an aperitivo or digestivo.

Tasting Notes:

Herbaceous rhubarb, orange, cardamom, slight aniseed and smoke, balanced with a pleasant bitterness.

Serving Suggestions:

Neat or over ice as a digestivo, mixed with soda as a refreshing aperitivo, or as a substitute for other amari in cocktails such as the Negroni and Americano. 


At first created to aid digestion, the origin of Zucca Rabarbaro dates to 1845. Tilde Zucca was prescribed a rhubarb based infusion for stomach trouble and her husband, Ettore, was captivated by the distinctive mix of ingredients. He was inspired to add alcohol to complete the taste and as a result, Zucca Rabarbaro was created. First enjoyed as a homemade spirit, it quickly became the signature liquor of Milan’s distinguished society. Reprising the original recipe, Zucca Rabarbaro was re-launched with a revitalized flavour and more potent kick at 30% alcohol to bring a unique dimension to cocktails.

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