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Yzaguirre Clásico Blanco Vermouth 1L

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Country of Origin:  Spain              TYPE: Vermouth             ABV: 18%


Pale yellow, the Vermouth Yzaguirre Classic White presents an intense aroma of herbs and spices. Light balsamic touches that provide a pleasant and very particular aromatic structure. Fresh and soft intensity on the palate, well balanced, with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.


Since it was founded in 1884, Yzaguirre has been making its products in accordance with the traditional methods and exclusive formulas that are the secret to their flavours and aromas, while at the same time innovating and updating the processes that underline the high quality of all their products.

At their Sort del Castell winery in El Morell, between Reus and Tarragona, they follow a meticulous production process to make the range of Yzaguirre vermouths: Classic, Reserva (aged in oak barrels for one or two years), Premium Rosé and Francisco Simó y Cia, the last being made following their other traditional formulas.

Savour all the flavours that they obtain from the most select grape varieties and their secret blends of herbs and spices. Every palate will be able to identify its favourite flavour: the sweetness of cinnamon or vanilla, the slightly bitter taste of dittany of Crete and quinine, the exotic aromas of cardamom, gentian and cilantro, or the fiery warmth of nutmeg.

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