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Yuzu Syrup 480ml

AUD $27.95
Alcohol Content:
0% ABV
Cocktail Syrup

Yuzu syrup 480 gm           Product of Japan

This product is so delicious it has been known to make grown chefs cry  
It has won a prestigious award in France for its flavour profile.

This syrup is perfectly balanced - not too sweet, it contains 13% yuzu peel which adds fabulous texture. 

There are just so many uses: It is delicious with Foie Gras, smoked salmon, salad dressings, duck, pate, desserts, jellies and more.  The syrup comes with a easy to use squeeze dispenser perfect for foodservice.  In Japan its also used to put in hot water or cold soda water for a refreshing drink. 



Please note, this thick syrup does not mix well within a cocktail due to the high viscosity, but is great for drizzling.


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