This syrup from Kitagawa Village is a versatile, marmalade-like ingredient with a strong yuzu flavour. Hugely popular in Japan, it is used in hot water or cold soda water for a refreshing drink. It can add complex flavour to shochu or sake, or to anything from a simple whisky sour to fruity, exotic creations.

Its sweet, luscious texture makes it perfect to mix with ice cream or yoghurt, or to use as a decadent syrup to pour over cakes or use in pastries. Use it in a vinaigrette or ceviche to add a sweet hit with a distinctive yuzu tang.

For use in cocktails, first dilute the viscous syrup in hot water to aid mixing.

About Kitagawa Village Yuzu Kingdom:

Kitagawa Village is a famous yuzu producing area with a planted area of ​​more than 100 hectares. Yuzu is vulnerable to dry conditions, making Kitagawa Village perfectly suited for growing with annual rainfall of 2000mm–3000mm. As a result, the yuzu fruit grow large, packed with aromatic oil and fragrance.


Barcode # 4580193240859
Brand Kitagawa Yuzu Kingdom
Shipping Weight 0.6240kg
Shipping Width 7cm
Shipping Height 7cm
Shipping Length 18cm

Yoohoo for Yuzu

By: on 3 August 2021
Great product, used it in a Bee's Knees with Roku Gin- tastes sweeter than expected-almost like Marmalade? Had to re-order as it was so popular! My only complaint would be from a commercial aspect, I would like a bigger bottle size.

A Bit Like Marmalade

By: on 22 July 2021
Tsubu Tsubu Yuzu is a bit like marmalade in consistency and flavour. As well and being tasty in hot water, as it needs to dissolve, it's good on bread! It's 13% Yuzu Peel and 2% Yuzu juice giving its Yuzu's characteristic bitterness. Though this is moderated by a good dose of sugar syrup and honey.

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