Country of origin:   USA        Alcohol content: 40.00% Alcohol by Volume

THE ORIGINAL & ONLY Pumpkin Bitters on the market is back! This year the ante was upped by macerating 5 varieties of organic heirloom pumpkins grown in Northern California at La Tercera Farms with Workhorse Rye's rye for 8 months.

The first thing you'll smell and taste is a Pumpkin patch channelled through bright yet savory roasted pumpkin, artichoke leaf, suma root, eleuthero root, bell pepper, sage, sweet potato, chamomile, and rosemary. Second to that, you'll notice the sweeter side of Pumpkin accoutrementgreen cardamom, cinnamon, cacao, rooibos, vanilla, cranberry, and allspice.

Over 30 botanicals extracted and stabilized by organic rye and cane spirit. 

Best uses: 

  • Old Fashioned Cocktails! First and foremost.
  • Any cocktail utilizing aged spirits like American whiskey, brandy, Scotch, aged rum
  • Soda water or kola: 1 dropper sleeve-full (or dash) of bitters per ounce is a good starter point to dial in your particular palate
  • Desserts; on top of ice cream, in a batch of cookies (ratio of bitters: use twice the amount of vanilla extract the recipe calls for)
  • Bitter cappuccino (add bitters after espresso, before milk)
  • Ranging from pilsner to stout, these bitters work with beer in many ways but our favorite two uses are: 1) making mild/boring beer taste exciting by adding one dropper sleeve-full per four ounces and 2) using them in dark beer cocktails

About Workhorse Rye:

Workhorse Rye was founded by Rob Easter & David Gordon in 2011 in a foggy backyard in the Mission. They are "gypsy distillers".

What? YES. Gypsies. That means they don't *own* a distillery. Rather they utilize other people's distilleries, but make the recipes and products themselves. 

Their whiskey comes from organic grains and gores into used barrels. These unique whiskeys form the base spirit for their bitters which make these bitters rather special indeed!






Brand Workhorse Rye
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