The Mystic Vermouth 750ml

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The Mystic Vermouth 750ml

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Country of origin:  AUSTRALIA       Alcohol content: 18% Alcohol by Volume

A collaboration passion project from winemaker Philip Lobley & Vermouth enthusiast Elise West. The Mystic Vermouth boasts cumquat, Vietnamese mint, lavender, bitter grapefruit & many more botanical over skin contact Sauvignon Blanc. This drink compels you to see that the beginning is always today.


Over ice with a slice of orange, perhaps a splash of soda if you wish.

In a cocktail as an intense replacement for Lillet Blanc

Store in the fridge after opening.

About Philip Lobley Winers:

The family has owned the Glenburn property since 1992 and began planting in 1995 when Philip Lobley Wines was established. They are a small family run vineyard in the Yea valley, which produces about 1000 cases of boutique wines per year. Phil’s background in viticulture has grown into a thriving production of local wines.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are ethical values on which their vineyard is based, the wines are handcrafted and undergo wild yeast fermentation and are not filtered or fined giving the wine a unique character of natural/vegan wines.

The high density vineyard is self-sustaining with no artificial inputs and consists of Pinot Noir and Nebiollo.

Their wines are hand crafted in small batches and undergo wild yeast fermentation and are not filtered or fined. Their aim is to produce wines that reflect their sense of place of Glenburn in an environmentally friendly way.


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