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The Commissary Jamaican Sorrel Syrup 500ml

AUD $17.95
Alcohol Content:
0% ABV
Cocktail Syrup

Country of origin:   AUSTRALIA

Hibiscus tea is traditionally drunk as an alternative to tea and coffee in Jamaica. However at Christmas time hibiscus tea is infused with spices, fruits and sugar to make a glorious punch base. Hibiscus, ginger, cinnamon, allspice and orange; need we say more?

Mixing Notes:

Use as the base for a delicious rum punch or in place of grenadine in cocktails such as the Pan American Clipper.

About The Commissary:

Started by husband and wife team, Paul Ramsay and Tess Scott-Ramsay, The Commissary was launched in October 2015. Paul and Tess have combined over 30 years experience in some of Melbourne’s best bars and restaurants where a passion for high quality produce and unique flavours grew over the years. The Commissary was born with a philosophy of being as preservative free as possible; just as we expect the food in our fridge to be natural, why wouldn't we expect the same of ingredients in our cocktails? The Commissary syrups are handmade in small batches with fresh, real ingredients—not fake flavours and colours—bottled, and labelled in Melbourne.

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