Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 45.00% Alcohol by Volume.

Four of The Bitter End's most popular flavours in a single package. You get one 15ml bottle each of the Memphic Barbeque, Mexican Mole, Chesapeake Bay and Thai Bitters.

Same great value; each bottle will last for dozens of drinks. The 15 ml bottles are easy to carry - or great for home bars or experimentation.

Enjoy the spicy, rich and exotic flavors that this pack offers.

About The Bitter End:

A revolutionary new ingredient for the modern bar, The Bitter End bitters give standard bitters a radical twist. Use our superconcentrated Mexican Mole, Jamaican Jerk, Memphis Barbeque, Moroccan, and Thai elixirs to enhance classic cocktails with a surprising kick. But don’t stop there. With their distinctive aromas and intense, complex flavors, The Bitter End bitters are the building blocks for a world of adventurous new cocktails.

Every batch of The Bitter End bitters is crafted with great care and attention to detail. Ingredients — including fresh and dried spices, herbs, fruits, chiles, and other aromatic botanicals — are hand-selected from premium purveyors. Each batch is mixed, infused, and dispensed by hand in a limited quantity using a closely guarded proprietary formula.  They use absolutely no extracts, preservatives, or artificial flavorings.  All of their spices, herbs, and chiles are cut and ground by hand; the ingredients are precisely measured by hand; the infusions are prepared by hand; and the bottles are dispensed ... by hand.  In fact, they are so paranoid about letting machines near their products that they put the labels on by hand. So if they look a little skewed, well, just consider that your proof that they were up late.


Barcode # 628586709577
Brand The Bitter End
Shipping Weight 0.2160kg
Shipping Width 10cm
Shipping Height 3cm
Shipping Length 10cm

Good selection

30 September 2013
A great way to sample a variety of bitters without having to buy a big bottle.

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