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Tasmania Bitters Mountain Pepperberry 100ml


Country of origin:   AUSTRALIA        Alcohol content: 45 % Alcohol by Volume

Native to Tasmania’s rainforest and woodland, the aromatic leaves and berries of the Mountain Pepperberry shrub have a distinctive peppery spice that builds in flavour.

Genuine aromatic Tasmanian bitters, an artisanal infusion of the finest ingredients. Flavoured with natural botanical herbs and spices and bitter gentian root offset by panela. Small batch distilled, blended and bottled by hand. An essential cocktail ingredient, soft drink flavouring, seasoning, condiment, and digestif. 


About Tasmania Bitters:

Made at the Süd Polaire distillery, Tasmania Bitters is formed by the nature of the Tasmanian environment; an archetypal wilderness of mountain, mist and cloud forest at the edge of the world.



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