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Strongwater Cherry & Thyme Shrub 251ml

AUD $36.95
Alcohol Content:
0% ABV
Vinegar Shrub

Country of origin:   USA        Alcohol content: 0%

Shrubs originated in colonial times as a way to preserve fruit through the cold months. They are a blend of vinegar infused with fruit, herbs, and honey. Strongwater's Cherry & Thyme Shrub plays well with gin, vodka, tequila, and whiskey. The combination of fruit and honey with apple cider makes for an age old tipple with a modern twist.

Key Ingredients:

Apple Cider Vinegar, Cherries, Thyme, Raw Colorado Honey. All organic.

About Strongwater:

Colorado-based Strongwater Spirits & Botanicals launched in 2015 under the helm of Nick and Asha Andresen. Committed to creating refined, luxury, small batch artisan products with dynamic flavor profiles and integrity, Strongwater has quickly become a leader in the craft distilling industry’s botanicals renaissance. Strongwater® offers all natural original style Bitters (1500 AD) fashioned with barks, roots, and herbs, Shrubs (aka wonder tonics) made infusing raw organic apple cider vinegar with local, organic honey, fruit and herbs sourced from small farms across the Western states, and sample kits perfect for cocktail alchemy at home. 

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