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Shrub & Co Cranberry with Douglas Fir Shrub 473ml

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Alcohol Content:
0% ABV
Vinegar Shrub

Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 0% Alcohol by Volume

This shrub is a true labour of love from start to finish. The Douglas Fir was foraged by Shrub & Co's friends at the The Living Wild Project. They're inspired by their desire to "to deepen our relationship with the land we inhabit—shifting how we eat, garden, and heal through the sustainable use of local, native plants." The organic cranberries are from Cranberry Hill Farm in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The owners consider themselves stewards of a beautiful, natural bog that is home to many other forms of wildlife. The result of their effort to the press, without adding any water or sweeteners. It took several days for the Shrub & Co team to gently remove the Douglas Fir needles from branches to create the infusion. The cocktail applications for this shrub are limited only by your imagination. Enjoy!.

About Shrub & Co:

Shrub & Co was founded to reinvigorate the use of shrubs in the libationary arts.  They co-create our products with bartenders and value experimentation and discovery - but have a healthy respect for the classics.  Their recipes are authentic – they’ve revived shrubs from the golden age of the cocktail.  They source organic fruit, local whenever possible. They never compromise on quality and their products are  handcrafted.


Refrigerate after opening. 



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