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San Francisco Bitters Co Clacquesin Bitters 148ml

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Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 38% Alcohol by Volume

A cocktail flavoring patterned after the Goudron Hygiénique created by Paul Clacquesin in 1875. Originally intended as a medicine, it was later reformulated into a palatable liqueur which, promoted by celebrities including Josephine Baker and Maurice Chevalier, became the favored aperitif in France during the 1920s. The Claquesin Distillery at Malakoff, with its Vernian style decor, has been preserved as a French historical site. 

Mixing Notes:

A unique ingredient for the inventive mixologist.

About San Francisco Bitters Co:

Defunct bitters once used in saloons along the Cocktail Route of 1890s San Francisco, as well as bitters that were popular elsewhere during that period. Unavailable for decades, they have been reincarnated for today's creative mixologist and bartender by the San Francisco Bitters Company.

The cocktail bitters in the San Francisco Bitters Collection are prepared from complex mixtures of botanicals and pure grain alcohol, using the same methods that were used by the manufacturers of the original bitters. The formulas were reconstructed after years of researching distiller's formularies, pharmaceutical dispensatories, newspaper advertisements, manufacturers' advertising pieces, medical and judicial writings, and the chemical analysis of surviving bitters. Unfortunately, not all of the botanical ingredients that were present in the original bitters are permitted today by the FDA for use in flavoring products, hence it was not possible to reproduce all the bitters in their exact original form. In certain cases, adjustments have been made through the unique use of combinations of other botanicals which simulate the flavor characteristics of the original, and now prohibited, ingredients. 

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