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Rum Diary Spiced Coconut Rum 500ml

AUD $75.95

Country of origin:   AUSTRALIA         Alcohol content: 42% Alcohol by Volume

Cocos Nucifera, Latin for coconut, is the second edition from the Rum Diary Spiced Experimental Kitchen.

Elise Goodwin, winner of the 'Of All Things Tiki, Land & Sea' cocktail competition, received the opportunity to work with Rum Diary Spiced to create her own small-batch spiced rum. "I wanted to create something different and fun - and I love coconuts" said Elise. So they set off to create an authentic, dry, white coconut spiced rum.

They used activated charcoal to remove the color from their aged rum, blended three different coconut macerations with cacao nibs and Australian native wattleseed to compliment and lift the coconut profile.

The final product is a wonderful toasted coconut rum like no other.



Rum Diary Spiced is Melbourne based but sources ingredients from all around the world to produce their range of spiced rums and bottled cocktails.

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