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Royal Rose Cardamom-Clove Syrup 236ml


Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 0% Alcohol by Volume  

This spiced syrup is certified USDA organic and contains only ethically grown and harvested ingredients: organic cane sugar, filtered water, fair-trade organic whole cardamom pods, and fair-trade organic cloves.

Tasting notes:

warm, spiced, holiday, vanilla, ginger-bread

Mixing Notes: 

Spirit pairings: vodka, light and dark rum, bourbon, whiskey, scotch, brandy

Non-alcoholic pairings: ice cream, yogurt, tea (hot and cold), apple cider, soda water, coffee, baking 

About Royal Rose:

Certified organic syrups, made with whole ingredients and crafted by hand in small batches.

At Royal Rose, they have a passion for delicious, quality food and beverage.

They believe that using the best-quality, whole ingredients in their syrups makes the difference between an ordinary drink and a superior cocktail. They hand-make every ounce of our syrup in small batches of 30 gallons using whole ingredients, organic cane sugar, and filtered water. No chemical preservatives, added colours or artificial flavours, ever.

Royal Rose syrups are shelf-stable for up to 18 months, but please refrigerate upon opening.

Royal Rose Cardamom-Clove Syrup 236ml Reviews

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