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Quaglia Vecchio Amaro del Piemonte Liqueur 700ml


Country of origin:   ITALY        Alcohol content: 25% Alcohol by Volume

Vecchio Amaro del Piemonte - meaning Old Bitter liqueur of the Piemonte region of Italy (near Turin). This is a small scale artisanal product and hard to find outside of Italy.

Tasting note: It is an excellent liqueur with a full yet soft taste, pleasant in every occasion or moment. It can be imbibed plain or on the rocks at fridge temperature with a slice of orange.

Production: As tradition requests it is produced through the infusion of herbs, roots and spices into neutral alcohol to guarantee quality and genuineness of the product.

About Antica Distilleria Quaglia

In the small town of Castelnuovo Don Bosco in Piemonte, Quaglia remains a family owned distillery - In its fourth generation!.
They continue to practice their small scale steam based distillation much as they did when they started in 1890.

They are a certified artisanal distillery, producing very small batches of the finest spirits and authentic fruit and herb-based liqueurs, many of which are bottled in their own proprietary glassware.

Quaglia Vecchio Amaro del Piemonte Liqueur 700ml Reviews

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