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Pok Pok Som Pomegranate Drinking Vinegar 473ml


Country of origin:   USA         Alcohol content: 0% Alcohol by Volume

Brimming with tart berries and rose petals. Pomegranate Som has a sweet, refreshing finish and moderate acidity.

Drinking vinegar for health reasons is an age old practice in many cultures around the world, dating back to colonial times when "shrubs" were a common tonic. While we do not make any claims as to the health benefits of our product, it is a delicious and refreshing drink with a nice tartness coming from the vinegar and concentrated flavors of fruit, vegetable and aromatics.

At Pok Pok, they have been serving these vinegars since 2005, both diluted with soda water as a soft drink and at full strength as a mixer in several of our house cocktails. Som is handcrafted using natural flavoring, organic cane sugar and quality natural vinegars.

Mixing Notes:

Use creatively in your cocktails, or dilute 1 part Som with 4 part soda or water. 

Vodka and Gin are great mixers with Pomegranate Som. 


Cane Sugar, Natural Coconut Vinegar, Pomegranate Juice, Pomegranate Concentrate, Citric Acid, Salt



Pok Pok Som Pomegranate Drinking Vinegar 473ml Reviews

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really unusual but tasty mixer

Posted by Robyn Littlefair on 6th Apr 2017

I tasted a pomegranate and lime cordial for brunch. The restaurant said they used pomegranate drinking vinegar and lime cordial with sparkling water. Bought Som and made it at home. In a 375 ml hi ball glass I used about 1 finger of Som, a big dash of cordial and then filled with sparkling water. Yum