Country of origin:   France     Alcohol content: 18% ABV

Also known as Picon Club, Picon à l'Orange is designed for mixing with wine to bring flavour and complexity. The process for Picon starts with both fresh and dried orange peels macerated in neutral spirit. The orange macerate is then distilled and infused with gentian root and cinchona bark. Finally, sugar and caramel are added to bring sweetness and colour.

Similar to Picon Biere, but designed with wine and wine based cocktail use in mind. It has a classic rich orange weight on the palate with a touch of wood present. Like the other Picon liqueurs, it straddles the line between an aromatised wine, a fruit, or a herbal liqueur.

Enjoy mixed with dry white wine, in a spritz, or simply over ice.  Top with Sparkling wine for an orange spritz.

About Picon:

While posted in Algeria with the French Army in 1837, Gaëtan Picon created a liqueur to be drunk as an antimalarial and named it "Amer Africain". After moving from Philippeville (modern day Skikda) to Marseille in 1872, Gaëtan renamed his successful liqueur "Amer Picon". Amer Picon grew in popularity with multiple distilleries operating to meet the demand of a thirsty public who drank it in cocktails, mixed with beer, or simply neat. The company's slogan in 1937 reflected the wide reach of their aperitif: "There is no longer a part of the globe that Picon has not penetrated." In the late 20th century Amer Picon split into three bottlings: Picon Amer, Picon Bière, and Picon Club à l'Orange.

NB: Although made in France for most of its history, Picon à l'Orange is now produced by Diageo Belgium.


Brand Picon
Shipping Weight 2.0280kg
Shipping Width 9cm
Shipping Height 9cm
Shipping Length 32cm

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