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Owl & Whale Lemongrass Bitters 100ml

AUD $27.95

Country of origin:   USA        Alcohol content: 50% Alcohol by Volume

These bright and acidic bitters are inspired by South East Asian cuisine. With classic notes of ginger and lemongrass, the bitters were made to use in clear spirit cocktails. However, they have been finding their way into so many of rye cocktails.

About Owl & Whale:

Sam Babcock and Michael Gatlin share a zeal for the craft of cocktail alchemy, which brought them together to form Owl & Whale, Portland Maine's preeminent cocktail creation company. With 30 years of combined experience in the service industry, Sam and Michael have managed bar programs, designed drinks menus and created award-winning cocktails in New York City, Washington D.C., Nashville and Portland.

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