September 27 2015


Dear Valued Customer,

We hope you have been enjoying the ever-growing range of Only Bitters offerings. We take pride in sourcing cocktail ingredients from around the world, from the bar staples to the obscure and unusual.

Over the last year or two, we have experienced a rapid increase in the cost of bringing these products to you. As the majority of our products are sourced from overseas, the primary driver has been the weakening Australian dollar - over a 40% difference. For some time now, we have absorbed much of this difference in order to keep our prices to our customers as low as possible. Regrettably, we can no longer continue to absorb these cost increases and remain viable, so it will be necessary to increase prices throughout our store.

These price increases are in the vicinity of 10-20% for most items, less for others. You may have noticed that Only Bitters prices for certain products, which are exclusive to us or are acquired in higher volumes, have dropped in price this year. We are committed to providing the best possible price for all our products, and in particular for certain ranges including Mister Bitters, The Bitter Truth, Shrub & Co, some staples (Angostura, Peychaud’s, Regan’s) and a variety of bitter liqueurs.

We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to continuing to supply you with Australia’s biggest range of bitters, syrups, tonics and other wonderful cocktail ingredients.

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August 2012    

Only Bitters launches first one-stop online shop for cocktail bitters in Australia

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - Only Bitters now offers the largest range of cocktail bitters in Australia today…50 available now, more than 100 by year end.

Today saw the official launch of, Australia’s first online retailer of the largest variety of cocktail bitters. The concept behind was born out of frustration at not being able to locally procure the various bitters used by great craft cocktail barmen around the globe.

Catering to a renaissance of craft cocktails as an art form, boutique bitters are becoming an increasingly sought-after accent ingredient, giving subtlety or boldness to any recipe, be it classic, innovative or downright experimental. “Australia’s mainstay, Angostura Bitters, is quite easy to find and probably enjoys over 95% of all bitter sales in Australia,” says John Dimitropoulos (JD), passionate cocktail enthusiast, and the founder of JD believes it's time the Australian public discovered something different.

“Liquor retailers have been slow to pick up and range bitters, and hence we are filling a latent demand in the marketplace”. “Based on the emails and orders received prior to our official launch, we are pleased to see the very enthusiastic response to this range of products, which have been very hard to come by all over Australia” says JD.

The online store has launched with exciting brands such as Scrappy’s Bitters from Seattle, The Bitter End from Santa Fe New Mexico, Fee Brothers from Rochester NY, The Bitter Truth from Germany, Bittermens from Brooklyn NY andDr Adam Elmergirab’s from Scotland. More exciting brands with equally exciting names, including Bittercube, Bitter Tears, Bitters Old Men, Brooklyn Hemispherical and Hella, will be introduced shortly (end Sept/mid October).

The variations available are mind-boggling. Flavours range from Aromatic to Fruit (apples, peach, cherry), to Citrus (orange, lemon, lime), to Savoury & Vegetable (celery, rhubarb & bacon!), to Herbed, Spice and Floral (habanero, cardamom, lavender), and of course, Chocolate! The online store has been created as a niche one-stop shop to cater to all Australian cocktail enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike, who can all delight in experimenting and creating their own original cocktail creations. 

The aims of are simple:
- a clean and easy to navigate online experience
- a consistent supply of bitters for the professional market
- the widest variety and range of bitters from around the world
- not just the best sellers, but the hard to find, hard to get bitters
- shipping to anywhere in Australia (as long as you are over 18)

To sum it up, the only place to go for all your bitters needs.

In addition to its vast range of bitters, Only Bitters will also be ranging garnishes shortly. The first product due sometime before the end of 2012 will be Manhattan Cocktail Cherries in spiced brandy. "The first cherry samples have elicited effusive comments, but the word mostly used has been 'Yum',” says JD.

For inspiration, Only Bitters also has a range of books on bitters (eg. Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas) and on cocktail recipes using bitters (eg. The PDT Cocktail Book: The Complete Bartender's Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy) and many more.

About Only Bitters
The Only Group has been established to create niche online retail experiences by providing the widest range of specific niche products. Only Bitters is the first online store launched under the Only Group umbrella. is a one stop shop to cater to cocktail professionals and enthusiasts, by providing the broadest range of bitters to be found anywhere in Australia.